Writing a book can be challenging, especially if it is your first time doing it. It can overwhelm you just thinking about it. Even though you want to write the first-ever book in your life, you can’t bring yourself to start it since you don’t know where to begin.

You may think that you cannot write a book, but that is not the case. You can write one. Just trust yourself.

You’ll need to instill yourself with confidence that you can write one. Don’t ever think you can’t finish one. You only need to find your writing process. Finding it can help you whenever you are struggling to write a tricky piece, or in your case, writing the first book.

Let’s find out the five step-by-step processes in creating your first book. You can use this as a guide in creating a masterpiece.

Step 1: The Reason Why You Are Writing A Book

First and foremost, answer this question: ‘Why are you writing a book?’. There are different answers to this question. The reason could be that you want to write just for fun or for the sake of earning extra income from publishing your book. Maybe it could be that you want to be famous through writing or become like your favorite author. It could even be that you want to convey and release your emotions through stories and share them with others.

Simply put, make it known in yourself why you want to write a book, whatever that reason/s may be. And before embarking on the road of agony and bliss in writing a story, ask yourself another question. What’s the purpose of writing it? If you do not have enough motivation, it will end up unfinished, never seeing the light again. So start asking this question and proceed with writing when your answer finally satisfies you.

Step 2: Do A Research and Read Books

Reading books can expand your knowledge and gain new ideas to write in your first book. Read any genre you like, and you can use it as an inspiration for your first book. Also, keep in mind that writing must come from your heart, or you will not enjoy doing it. Not enjoying the process can lead to a disastrous outcome which every writer tries to avoid. As soon as you know what genre you want to write, you can look at different people’s bookshelves.

In this way, you can find out what people like nowadays. It can also illuminate you about new trends and bestselling genres. You must consider these details when brainstorming ideas for your first book. Because once you ignore the preferences of the masses, it can lead to the unsuccessful launch of your book.

After knowing what you and others want to see in your book, start researching. Research is one of the vital parts of writing a story. Incorrect information can affect the flow of the story since most readers want accuracy. If you are writing a fantasy, you must have what it takes for world-building. Make it believable for the readers, enough for them to think that it exists. Manifest your inner J.K. Rowling and George R. R. Martin!

Step 3: Write The Title of Your Book

The next thing you need to do is think of a title perfect for your first book. Your title must be unique and related to the story you are writing. If you finally found the right one, you must write it down in big letters. You can start writing it in Post It Notes or put it as wallpaper on your phone or desktop. It can help you remember what your story is all about.

Too, the title can help you solidify the plotline in your story. It can help you with character development, structure, and your book’s overall theme. You must also be prepared to edit and re-edit your title as you write your story (or, as people say, as the plot thickens). Doing so is part of the whole writing process and must not deter you from finishing. Having a title that stays in your mind all day can become your reminder in writing and finishing your first book.

Step 4: Do An Outline of Your Story

Outlining what is to become your first book is one of the most critical steps that most beginner writers always forget. Without an outline, you will never know the flow of your story. These will lead to multiple plot holes and unnecessary chapters, which will not add to the overall storyline. It will confuse the readers, and you’ll experience much difficulty editing the story.

To write an outstanding book, you must follow a guideline in creating one. The following are the outlines you’ll need for the success of your first book:

  • Name your characters
  • Name the location and its detail
  • Conflicts that your character will face
  • Steps to overcome the situations thrown your characters’ way or the lessons they learn from it.
  • Write a summary or an overview of your book in 30 words or less.

Step 5: Write! Write! Write Your First Book!

The last step is to continue writing. Don’t ever stop writing. Begin with your first draft. And then move on to the next. Write another. Edit it. Start a new draft. Find the motivation and inspiration for you to continue despite anything. Fight laziness whenever you feel it coming to you. If you can’t help it, you can take a break. Remember not to force yourself to write when you can’t. But you also must have the discipline to know when or not you’re just trying to avoid writing. Procrastination can be overwhelming but don’t you ever give up because of it. Even if it takes years to write your first book, continue it. Because the moment you put down your pen (or laptop or typewriter), you will thank yourself that you did not stop. You will not regret the time and energy you spend creating your masterpiece. The satisfaction…it would be beyond words for you to interpret. So, start writing now and make your stories be known to the world.

Final Takeaway

Writing your first book can be challenging, but all you need to do is not give up. Following the steps above can help you create your first book. Maybe the book you are writing will become a bookseller and a literary classic as time goes by. Stop yourself from hesitating and take a leap of faith to start writing it. At first, it will not be easy. That is just something you’ll have to deal with. But if you enjoy creating it and welcome the entirety of the process, it will become one of the best memories and experiences you’ll ever have. If you write a book, it is normal to develop a beautiful and unique title. For this one, Still Novel Like: How to Title Your Novel | Publishing Profits got your back.

Get your pen and notebook right now and start creating your masterpiece!



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