Books are still novel, no matter what.. Have you ever wondered how these inspiring writers come up with their titles for their books? A great writer has a wide range of imagination when titling their work—for example, Macbeth, The Ickabog, and Doctor Sleep. If you’re a man of mystery, most of your titles are mysterious and dark, and if you’re a happy person, you’ll probably come up with humorous and funny titles. Titles may depend on your personality or past. For example, your childhood was great and happy, so your book may be presented as a joyous book inspiring for those seeking a happy childhood. If you’ve been an introvert since childhood, presumably, your work will become fiction and full of imagination. 

Whether you’re an author of fiction or non-fiction, a novel is still a novel. It is not like all people like to read humorous and funny books, right? After reading it, some may be interested in gruesome and horror books that may leave a mystery with their persona. What’s written on the pages will determine the book’s quality to readers, but how about a catchy and non-boring title? Would you come up thinking at least one? Here are the best things to remember when choosing a title for your first-ever novel book.

Double Meaning Titles

Don’t be boring, and make a title that impacts the public when read. Make a title that has a double meaning and let the readers mesmerize with it as they fed with your good and quality book. For example, when you titled your novel “The Great One,” may this refer to either the protagonist of the story, the book itself as it is the great one with all, or you being the great one as the book’s author. 

You can play with titles. As long as the story flows smoothly and as long as it is still novel, it is all good. Creating a title is fun because you can develop many ideas that your novel will benefit from. Having a double-meaning title is more likely an open invitation to readers that you first need to analyze the other meaning of the title to know the mystery of the story.

Search For Keywords Online

Getting some ideas online is not plagiarizing. It’ll be crazy to say how you can plagiarize a title, right? Searching for a keyword online helps you develop some ideas for your novel’s title. Finding online keywords may help if you focus on the same genre or vibes your novel has. Thinking a title of your own may also help, but today’s online generation is much accurate and faster.

In searching online, you can think of any possible way to adopt a title for your novel. Relevant keywords may help the novel’s title in no time because when you try to mix things up, for sure, you’ll definitely come up with one! Gathering some information online will benefit you also by determining if your choice of title has a similar one already or none.

Your Title Matches The Novel

A novel is still novel, some may say. But you must not compromise your title for the sake of uniqueness. Make sure to match your title with the storyline of your novel. Not because your chosen title was excellent and unique, you will jeopardize the relationship with each other. The title and story must make sense for it to become successful.

The number one rule for all writers is not to break the title’s relevance for the story’s sake. Make a story out of the title, and it will come next. You may try to create first the novel’s content and, lastly, the title. But make sure that you always match the title and the novel because the story will become irrelevant to the reader’s taste if the title isn’t even close to the novel’s story.

Creating a Second Choice is Your First Step

Don’t be satisfied with the title you created. You should always keep in mind that you need an extra one if needed. Having your second choice after you’ve formulated a title is the best way to preserve things up. If there’s an unexpected happening and your first choice was already a title of a novel by someone, you have your second choice ready to catch you.

There’s no wrong with being content with your achievements. Preparing your second choice for a title is like first aid because you will probably be needing that when things go South. But you may ask, “Why is the second option only? Why not three or even five?” Yes, you can come up with five or more than that as long as you have more ideas in mind. The more, the better. Do you believe in that? Technically speaking, yes, for some, the more option you have, the more chances you get in the marketplace.

The Shorter, the Better

Some of the most memorable best-selling books/novels are short-titled. Back in the day, the shorter the title, the better because one-liner titles are so easy to memorize. Today, long titles are in demand, too but come to think of this, if your title is only a word, it will have the chance of a lifetime to be in all of the search engines worldwide when they search for a one-word title novel.

Short titles can also turn names into titles—for example, Hannibal, Carrie, Annabel Lee, Hamlet, and Percy Jackson. Novels with short titles tend to get more attention than those long headers novels. 

Final Takeaway

When you think of a title to your novel, the first thing that will come to your mind is that this will be the most stressful part of being a writer. Isn’t it? Fiction, Drama, Non-fiction, or Romance, all is still novel. It may be stressful on some parts, but it is enjoyable too because being a writer that has completed a story will soon realize that they created a masterpiece, and the title will be the trophy for their hard work and dedication. As an author, you have to express your book with the title and what’s inside. To be an effective writer, you must need these Tips for Writers: What Every Author Needs To Know | Publishing Profits for some help.



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