If you have just started writing, then you might think that writing a kissing scene is going to be quite easy.

But there’s a lot more to a kissing scene than just “and then they kissed” and writing the perfect description for this act is a bit trickier than you might think.

It might be a little bit tricky to write the perfect kissing scene, but it’s definitely not impossible!

All you need is a bit of guidance and we are here to give you just that. Writing the perfect kissing scene can definitely be done and we can show you how to do it in just three easy steps.

To learn how to write the perfect kissing scene, read on to find out everything you need to know.

How To Write Kiss Scenes In 3 Easy Steps

Writing the best kiss scenes isn’t an easy task, but when you have the right advice to do it, it can really make it easier.

Kiss scenes are usually written in a way that makes them exciting and passionate, and sometimes, the reader will feel more personally involved in the whole situation.

You want to keep your readers engaged in the whole process of the kiss and you want them to feel like tension has been eased by the two characters sharing an intimate moment.

To make your kiss scenes better, try using these 3 easy steps in your writing process.

Step 1: Be Inspired By Personal Experience

Any good writer is always going to write stories that draw heavily from their own, personal experiences, and when it comes to kissing scenes, drawing from personal experience is definitely a fantastic way to write authentic scenes.

If you have ever kissed someone in real life, think back to that moment. How did it feel? How did it make you feel physically, emotionally, and even psychologically?

When you draw off of your own personal experiences, it makes writing these more personal and intimate scenes a lot easier.

They become a lot more authentic as well because you can quite easily tell when someone is writing a scene based on a subject or experience that they have never had themselves.

Even if you have never had this experience though, you can get inspiration from kissing scenes you saw in movies.

How did that scene make you feel? Why did you feel such a connection to it? You can try and recreate the feeling you felt when you watched your own scene.

Step 2: Understand The Situation

When you are writing any scene between two characters, you have to make sure that you really understand the scene. You need to make sure that you understand both of the characters’ motives and what led them up to this moment.

All of this applies to any scene, but for a kissing scene to be authentic, you really need to look deeper into the situation.

How do your characters feel about this kiss? Are they happy about it? Are they confused? Have they been fighting the urge to kiss the other for so long that they are finally relieved?

What was the relationship like between the characters before the kiss and how does it affect other characters?

How To Write Kiss Scenes

When you give the kiss meaning and it makes sense with the rest of the story, it makes the whole scene more impactful and interesting.

If you just throw a kiss scene in between two characters that have no relation to each other in the story, it’s going to take the immersion away from the readers, and even if you use the right descriptions and words, it won’t have as much of an impact.

Understand the situation of the scene before you start writing it and understand the characters and their motivations up until this point to really make it more impactful!

Step 3: Be Descriptive

This might seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes, using the right description can get lost in kissing scenes. Sure, most kiss scenes are passionate and a bit messy, but you have to convey more than just that to the reader.

If you have let up to the kiss in the right way, the reader will understand exactly what is going on and they will know why both of these characters have found themselves in this situation.

So all you need to do then is be incredibly descriptive in this scene to make it pop.

You want to avoid making your kiss scene cliche, and you want to avoid making it cheesy too.

Using the right language here can really make or break the whole scene. We are going to say it again- you want your characters to feel immersed in the scene, so they can put themselves in the character’s shoes.

It’s helpful to read other kissing scenes in other stories to get a better sense of what sort of language you should use to create your own kissing scene.

Make mental notes of the words you love when reading the descriptions and make another mental note of words you don’t like so you can avoid them.

Through your description, you also want your readers to be able to easily build up a picture in their mind of what’s going on. You don’t want them to just mindlessly read the words, you want them to feel and experience them!

Don’t be afraid to ask some of your friends to test-read the scene for you and ask for their honest opinion so you know what needs to be changed before you put the story out publicly.


Writing the perfect kissing scene is definitely a challenge, but if you use the tips and tricks we have provided here, it will definitely make it easier!

Each of these tips will really help you immerse yourself in the scene and the minds of the characters, which in turn will make the scene even better for your readers.

Through personal experience, understanding the situation, and being descriptive, you can write a compelling and passionate kissing scene!



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