Reading a book becomes more exciting when the protagonist unleashes an unbelievable power at the story’s climax. Their growth as the story progresses and the adventures they embark on with their friends will hook you as you read through a fiction book. But of course, the author’s writing style also factors in your inability to put down what you’re reading. And with the many fiction books today, one can only conclude that losing oneself in a made-up story is a coping mechanism that human beings have developed to detach from the horrors of reality momentarily. After all, fictional books are a great distraction for the world around us. You can choose what genre or form you want to read – fantasy, horror, mystery, romance or science fiction. And let’s not forget about the steady rise of Manga nowadays. Whatever it may be, though, the choice is yours, depending on your mood.

There is also that feeling of familiarity with certain characters. Sometimes, enough for you to actually relate to them and realize that (wow) you are indeed them. Now, seeing yourself in their shoes is not uncommon. It usually allows you to make better choices and actions in real life. Because ultimately, fiction books are still based on real-life circumstances. The author just has a way of creating a better world between the pages.

Here are some ways on how fiction books help you in your everyday living:

1.) Understanding Other People’s Perspective in Life

As you read a fiction book, you’ll notice that most stories have main protagonists that are always lively and understanding. Dissecting the personality of fictional characters is an excellent way to understand the intricacies of other people. Not only that, but reading fictional books also entails introspection. One minute your reading about a character’s struggles, and the next, you’re contemplating how you can emulate the character’s motivation to overcome everything.

Fiction not only entertains but also teaches us the most potent form of communication: fully understanding others’ perspectives.

2.) Growth in Understanding

Fiction books are composed of six different parts: characters, settings, plot, conflict, point of view, and theme. All of these combined and crafted beautifully would make for a very powerful story that will be a hit among the masses.

It is common knowledge that character development does not happen instantaneously. The readers are first given something to work with. Eventually, the protagonist will face adversities and somehow change along the way. And isn’t this how life works as well? People are born, become exposed to difficulties, and grow molded by experiences. During the whole process of growing up, we become more understanding. Our perceptions widen, and our maturity increases.

3.) Seeing a Bigger Picture

As you deeply understand the fiction book you’re reading, the more you realize that certain things are not the way they were before. A good fiction book exposes you to a wide range of perspectives regarding truths you weren’t familiar with prior to your reading. Do you agree that the world becomes clearer to see after reading a fictional book? Or is it just me. It is to be expected that things are put into perspective. Some of the trivialities of life fade away and give way to seeing the bigger picture.

Writing a Fiction Book

Reading a fiction book is one thing. But writing your own? That’s entirely a different turf. There are a lot of factors for you to think about when writing a fiction book. Problems will surely find their way to you. But if you’re truly set on writing your fiction book, here are some ways to help you out:

1.) Love What You Do

First and foremost, you need to love the act of writing. That’s the best thing for you to learn before writing a fiction book. It is unfair to say that you’re only doing something because you’re bored or someone tells you to. It shouldn’t be like that. Although, yes, writing can start from mere boredom. But that boredom will definitely not sustain it. You need to bring your A-game. And you will have to give yourself to writing. Because if you think about it, every book ever written is some semblance of the authors themselves. You are an extension of whatever you create.

So, love what you are doing. And surely, everything else will follow.

2.) Show The Readers Only The Tip of Your Pen

Not literally, of course. But hey, if someone is truly a fan of your work, maybe you can show them the tip of your pen if they requested it.

But what this idiom means is to show a sneak peek of your work and let the audience use their imagination to fill up the blanks. Showing your readers only the tip of your pen will increase their curiosity and make them want your works more.

3.) Do Some One-Liner Wonders

The simplest way to deliver an impactful and effective mark on readers is by having a one-liner on your fiction book. Getting your audience’s attention through this is the best way to promote your book to the public. For example, “Time moves slowly, but passes quickly.” Short but beautiful, isn’t it? That’s an example of a one-liner from Alice Walker’s book, The Color Purple.

The phrase means that whatever we do, time will tick away. Feeling that time slows if we’re doing something we don’t like and time hastens when we’re doing something we love or with loved ones is a given in life—such a powerful meaning for such simple words.

Final Takeaway

One must possess a lot of patience when reading a fiction book. It does take several chapters before the protagonist grows into the best version of themselves. Along with them, you will also have to endure every obstacle, every emotion, and every loss.

The same thing applies in writing. It would be best if you had a lot of patience when writing a fiction book because rushing your work will only lead to a chaotic storyline. And you wouldn’t want that, now, would you? Fiction books are truly elegant. The entertainment and imagination they brought to us are unexplainable. Fiction obsession is natural. Want to know more? Try and visit our #fictionobssesed section.



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