As a writer, there are times in our life where we can’t summon the will to write. It happens to every writer, even the successful and already established ones. Ever wonder why there are times where we could not write and just end up staring at the blank page? The answer to this question is that the inspiration is lacking. And inspiration, as it happens, is a big part of starting your writing. Without it, you can’t write anything at all.

The next step is to ask yourself how you will get the inspiration to write. Most writers wait for the inspiration to strike, which can take a very long time to happen. This option is not a viable one, especially if you are on a deadline. Forcing yourself to write is also not an option since it could affect the quality of your work. The only option left is for you is to take the reigns and be in charge of your writing. Instead of waiting for it to come, why not start looking for it. In this way, you can find the inspiration you need to begin writing and actually perform it better.

So to help you in finding your groove, here are three ways that will inspire you to write better than before. After reading these, writing a masterpiece won’t be far behind.

Stimulate Your Creativity

One way to improve your writing is to stimulate your creativity. Sometimes your creativity is merely sleeping inside of you. All you need to do is wake it up. Here are the three ways to bring your creativity back to life:

1. Hobbies and Interests

Looking for a topic to write about can be difficult. Not only that, it also takes much time to find the right one. Why not start with something you are very familiar with already? Writing about your hobbies and interests can make you write thousands of words. Anything you love can become your inspiration in different types of writings, such as fiction, blogs, stories, poems, etc.

For instance, if you love to play the piano, you can write a story about it. You can write about the hard work and trials a pianist must face to become a successful one. You can also write a blog about the techniques for playing a beautiful song on the piano and a tutorial for beginners. From this hobby alone, there are already endless topics to pick and write about.

2. Listen to Music to Have Some Inspiration For Writing

Some writers prefer to listen to music while writing, and some do not like to have a noisy background. If you are up to do this, you can try to listen to a piece of music. Music can help you to concentrate and develop new ideas for your stories. Try listening to different genres to spark new ideas and incorporate them into your writing. Jot it all down while listening since we tend to forget what we think at the time. For a more intimate listening experience, you can use headphones or use home speakers.

3. Writing Prompts

One way to get your creativity working is to write prompts. You can find these online or simply ask someone to make a list for you. Writing prompts can help you focus on one idea and move on to a new one whenever you are lacking. Choose a prompt that sparked your interest and set your timer to 30 minutes. As soon as your time is up, check up on your work and polish it. Changing the length to your liking is also applicable.

Locate Your Daily Inspiration for Writing

Another way for you to write better is to locate your inspiration – daily. The reason behind this is that every writer needs daily inspiration to push themselves into writing. Finding your daily inspiration will also help you in cultivating discipline. Although inspiration come in many ways, finding it can be a struggle.

Here are three ways for you to have find yours and trigger the flow of ideas:

1. Write What You Observe

Look around your surroundings. You can write anything that your eyes can see. The sky’s literally and figuratively the limit. Your subject may be anything from mundane things to people and their fascinating lives. Observe them and write it all down on your notes. As soon as you pick the thing that interests you, write them in detail. Include the answers for who, what, where, when, why, and how. You can also add other information that you deem necessary or interesting. Writing what you observe can enhance your attention to detail and help you realize the beauty in being in the present moment.

2. Change Your Environment to Have Some Inspiration for Writing

Changing your surroundings can be a big help in refreshing new ideas to write. Doing simple and mundane things such as changing your desktop background, or going to another place in your house to write can already make a big difference. In fact, even just changing how you sit or going on a trip can shake you out of a stupor and allow your creative juices to run. Just do anything that can change your scenery. Changing it can help you gain a fresh perspective and ideas to write.

3. Carry A Journal or A Recorder

As a writer, carrying a journal and recorder is a must. These tools can help you whenever inspiration strikes. Because as we all know, inspiration has a mind of its own and can rear its head without regard for your convenience. So, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry. Also, jot down the ideas that suddenly come to mind. You can also record a dialogue that captures your interest and make a story out of it. After collecting them, you can then start writing anything based on your notes and records.

Use Stories or Books

You can also rely on stories and books to gain the inspiration to write better. Reading other people’s works can give you a new perspective and spark a new topic to write.

The following are the three ways to use stories or books to gain inspiration.

1. Watch Movies

One way to get a new idea is to watch a movie. While watching one, work with a notebook. Take note of dialogues, characters, and landscapes that you can incorporate into your stories. Combine them all so that you can create a new and ‘uniquely yours’ storyline.

2. Read Blogs, Books or Magazines

Inspirations can come from reading constantly. Reading can help you learn new things and gain new ideas from it. Not only that, but it can also improve your writing style. The reason for this is that you will automatically mimic the writing style of the author that you are reading. You can read works from your favorite author or anyone, even from an unknown author. The best thing is that you’ll also enjoy what you are reading. Just remember to try and look from the perspective of the author, not from the reader’s perspective.

Try reading some of the inspirational books from inspirational writers.

3. Find News Story for Inspiration For Writing

Did you know that reading newspapers can help you gain a new idea to write? You can start now by opening your newspaper or reading it online. Find a headline that captures your interest and start reading it closely. Think about how you can incorporate the news into yours. You can think about how it may impact society then write a fictional story surrounding it.

Final Takeaway

Inspiration for writing can come in different ways. Sometimes it doesn’t come easily, while there are also times that you are overflowing with ideas coming in everywhere. If you don’t have any inspiration to write better today, you can continue writing the same as before or take a break and come back once again when you are ready. Of course, feel free to try any suggestions discussed above. You might be surprised. The answers you’ve been searching for to access inspiration is just within this article. Struggles. No one can ever get away from the all too familiar aspect of life. Being inspired is a good thing, but how can you cope with struggle as a writer? The Verily With Hardship Comes Ease: Writer’s Struggle | Publishing Profits is here to support you with that.

Happy writing!



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