While it is well known that ebooks are a great thing to offer if you are looking for a lead magnet when you are trying to sign someone up, however, there is also a whole industry for selling ebooks and this can be a great source of passive income.

Since COVID, ebook sales have skyrocketed, and a lot of people are now seeing this as a viable method of appreciating literature.

There are plenty of ways to throw yourself into ebook selling, whether you are a storyteller, or want to find a way to share information. 

However, getting into selling ebooks can be quite difficult, and requires a lot of information people do not usually know. Because of this, we will go over some great information here that will help you get started with making, marketing, and selling ebooks.

So, if you are looking to make money from ebooks, but you are struggling to get started, this article will give you the information you are looking for!

Why You Should Start Selling Ebooks

One of the most popular forms of income you can achieve is passive income, where you are gaining income from doing very little yourself after a short time and effort investment. This is why ebooks are so popular with those who want to get passive income.

There is the initial effort you have to put into making the book and getting it online, but after this, you might want to market it a bit, but other than this, it will be set up to make money for you.

You do not have to put any time into delivering it like you would a physical product making it a super efficient item to sell. Of course the work that needs to be put into writing the content can be substantial, but once it is done, you are ready to go. 

Also, when it comes to digital products, it is one of the easiest ones to make. You can find templates online that will make it as simple as possible, and when you compare it to something like making an online course, it is a lot more simple!

You can also use a free ebook as a lead magnet which is a great way to get people to sign up for services. If you do not want to give it away for free, you can also offer a discount instead. Finally, ebooks are also a great tool to use for link building. 

The Best Sites To Use To Sell Ebooks

When selling ebooks, there are plenty of options of different sites for you to use. We love Visme because it has everything you need to not just sell ebooks, but also to create and publish them as well!

One of the most popular sites for selling ebooks with is Amazon’s Kindle service, this is where anyone can buy and download ebooks.

If you want your ebook to be super easy to access, we heavily recommend investing in this platform. For alternate ebook distribution platforms, you can use, Smashwords, Rakuten kobo, Sellfly, Payship, and Gumroad.

Types Of File Formats For Ebooks

When it comes to creating ebooks, there are plenty of different formats you can go with, but there is no one format which is the best for making ebooks.

For example, if you want your product to be readable primarily on laptops, a lot of people would then opt for a landscape orientation.

When it comes to the most common file types for selling an ebook, there are printable and interactive PDFs, as well as EPUBs, and Interactive HTML5.

We recommend looking into the type of ebooks you want to sell, and see what they look like, and what file type they use so you know what you can aim for.

Advice On How To Sell Ebooks

So, now you know the basics of creating an ebook, there is some advice that is best to follow when it comes to pulling off these different stages and steps. One of the most important is to know your audience, and aim the products towards them.

With ebooks, a helpful stage to help this become easier is to create a buyer persona, being the type of person who you think is most likely to buy your ebook, and then tailor the content and presentation towards them.

Also, if your ebook is more solution based, you want to ensure that the people who are looking for this solution can easily access the ebook!

When you are writing your ebook, you want to start by working off of an outline, especially if you have never written anything in long form as a book before.

Working off one of these outlines can help you when you feel stuck, and gives you the freedom to jump around a bit, so if you feel stuck working on one section, you can jump to another to help clear your head

We also heavily recommend that you get an ISBN for your book, this makes it so different distributors and publishers can sell this book. Some sites will not need an ISBN, but most will.

When it comes to designing your ebook, you want the entire product to look coherent and for the content to match. For example, if you want the book to be focused on text, then make sure the whole book is, whereas, if you want to use more pictures, then make sure this is reflected throughout the whole product.

This is where templates for ebooks can be useful. Make sure that if you are using a paid template you have gotten the rights to sell content using this template.

If you are not confident in your graphic design skills, it is also worth investing in a book cover designer to get the best quality product to advertise your book.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the advice you need to make a good first step when it comes to selling and marketing your ebooks!



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