You’ve written the book–now what? Just because you have a good book doesn’t necessarily mean you will immediately have a good launch; you have to actively work to make sure your book makes it into your readers’ hands. 

Build a Reader Launch Team

Use your resources to build buzz around your book with your own organic readers. This can include reaching out to your newsletter list, your Facebook Group, and your Twitter fans. Reach out to them and specifically ask if they want to join your launch team. People on your launch team are your superfans, your core readers. These are people who love the books you produce and are willing to blog about them, share your links, and leave reviews on launch day. 

Book Professional Promos

Professional paid promos are designed to maximize your book’s reach by sending it out to their pool of thousands of engaged readers. 

At Publishing Profits we have a range of promotional services, check out our services page for more info.

Connect With Other Authors

Connect with authors via author swaps. You can organize these using free sites like Facebook Groups, or you can use paid sites like BookClicker or StoryOrigin to set these up. 

Maximize Your Reviews

The more reviews you have, the more likely people are to purchase your book. You can maximize your reviews by sending out an ARC (advanced review copy) before you launch your book. 

You can also help get reviews in time for your release by signing up for our reader review service.

Protip: Once you have reviews, you can pick the best reviews and put them in your blurb copy and/or your ad copy to build your social proof. 

Write, Launch, Re-Launch

The best thing for your book is…more books! The more books you have out there, the higher your read-through will be. 

Alternatively, you can also re-launch your book by publishing it in multiple formats. Books with all three major formats (ebook, print, and audiobook) rank higher on Amazon’s search feature, which will give you more exposure.

If you’re looking for other related content, read Book Marketing: Market Your Book in Five Easy Steps, next. Happy Book Launching!



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