First and foremost, you must activate your inner passion in reading a book to decipher it. Yes, reading a book is an easy task. Do you know what is hard? Understanding what you are reading (and is still reading after going over the same line a few times). After all, books work wonders for anyone who is capable of understanding what they are reading. Every book lover doesn’t just read a book, and then, that’s it. They are so expressive about the emotions they felt and the thoughts that swirled in their heads from books. They all have a strong opinion of every book they ever read—a trait you can only observe from a true book lover.

But as a book lover, did you know these five (not so) famous myths about book reading? If not, then welcome aboard the knowledge train. Today, Publishing Profits is giving you some myths that you may or may not have come across yet. So sit back, relax, enjoy reading, and let’s d !

Fiction Has No Lesson At All

Everyone says that all the lessons can be learned from non-fiction books because they’re all historical. Well, that’s a no-no because fiction books are the main reason why kids are so imaginative. The words they are reading work wonders for their early growth and development. More so, fiction books help broaden their minds’ capacity to imagine all the unimaginable things that could happen in the real world.

And if it isn’t clear yet that kids are big fans of fiction books, just ask Cinderella, Snow-white, and Rapunzel. These stories have molded a lot of childhood memories and bedtime stories. Children even learn how to read with the help of these fictional books.

Reading Does Not Help

Cough books work wonders cough eye roll cough. Others say that reading is only time-consuming and just bombard readers with too much information. Also, that it doesn’t help at all in one’s growth. That’s not true! Reading is an essential activity that everyone of us use wherever we are. It is basically the gateway for learnings. Because if you read, you’ll acquire knowledge and information that is crucial for survival. Reading exercises your mind to perform a task and how to solve problems.

In another scenario, readers are sometimes labeled as lazy slackers that sit around and read fiction books all day. But that is not true. Reading is one of the best activities for our minds. It pumps up our mental energy to think better and make wise decisions.

Reading (insert genre) Doesn’t Make You a Reader

This one is an annoying part of being a reader. Some “self-proclaimed” heavy readers tend to mock casual readers because they only read genres that they claim to be “superior” among other works of literature. These are called book snobs (we got our eyes on you, people!). Some book snobs don’t count the romance genre as one of their main choices because they see it as an embarrassing genre, to begin with. 

But as a reader, you don’t need to listen to them because you have to read what you’re devoted to. If you like a certain book, don’t be alarmed by these book snobs and simply continue reading. The bottom line for this one is if you’re reading a genre that is not embraced by others, read it still. To hell with all those who think and say otherwise.

Not Having Time To Read

All of us, of course, have something to do with our free time. If you have one, you’ll probably be reading a book or two, right? Not having time to read is only an excuse. Not every one of us loves to read a book, but there’s a time in your life that you’ve read a book in your free time. Which statement is true? A man holding a book in his free time or holding his phone while playing a game? Both of them can be true at the same time, but it is more likely that a man always holds his phone to play a game during his free time.

If you have time to play a game on your cellphone, you’ll probably have a lot of time to spare for reading. If your reason for not doing so is you don’t have time, we’re calling you out for that bs. 

Final Takeaway: Books work wonders (duh!)

It would be best if you experienced things before judging them, whether they’re myths or not. There are even superstitions when it comes to reading, and they have no scientific-based at all. Just be cautious with excess reading because it might damage your eyes. Also, please please please(!) do not be a book snob. Stay humble as you are and read what you want to read without forcing others to do the same.

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