In every career, there’s no guarantee that you’ll come on top on the very first try. We all need to start at the bottom and work our way up. In some cases, if you’re effective and charismatic enough to the public, you work your magic. Writing a novel, in some part, is believed to be an easy one to go through with your career, but there are several things you need to consider before writing a novel. 

Don’t Let Greed Take Over

Do it for passion and not only for the money. Many of today’s writers make books and write novels just for income and money. Well, it is part but should not be the main reason. The reason why you write a novel is to express your talent and to be recognized worldwide. Fame and money will follow. Greedy writers tend to write and write, day after day, thinking that their rapid work will be recognized in an instant. They don’t listen to the advice that the more you make time for your work, the more it will be majestic after. 


Rushing your work for the sake of money will lead you nowhere else. Some well-known authors continue their book by making the series released the year after introducing the first book. Don’t let the greed take over, don’t make haste of something that you should have worked on a couple of months or years. Always take the fact that the more you insert effort and well-thought-out work with your novels, the more it will become in the future when released to the market. 

Know Your Audience 

Before writing or engaging in a novel, make sure that you’re writing for the greater good, for your readers. It is normal to write for your own sake too, but always be reminded that your main job is to satisfy your readers. If you’re going to engage readers that will result in book sales, make sure that your work will satisfy them, and they’ll be the ones who will market it. By making a book, you will spend the time and money of people, and if it is just an article, you’re only taking time. How can you do it when cash counts if you can’t effectively get the people to read your article and win their time? 

Try your luck first at writing with articles. If you think you’re ready for a book, go for a book. It is that simple. Work on articles that gains so much popularity online, it may take a while, but it would be worth it for sure. Consistently doing this will make you a great writer and a professional one. Work your magic with your audience! Make them crave more, don’t be a selfish writer, and heed some of their suggestions for better and much wider experience growth. 

Opinion Does Matter 

Take time to listen to others’ opinions. You might need a survey for this one. Remember flyers, posters, and paper documents that you used to see when someone needs a review of their work? Google docs can make this so easy today. That’s how our modern world today is. Let your most loyal followers have contributions to your work. Let them vote for some opinions or what should be the theme of your book. This gesture turns the followers even happier with your work. They will talk about your book with their friends, and your book’s title will eventually spread all over the place. 

Accepting the point of view of your followers is also respecting them. It means that the opinions of others are equal to yours. Making them matter with your decision-making makes you a professional writer to their views and thought. Never underestimate the power of conversation. Having communication with your followers, readers, and possible audiences are needed for you to grow as a professional, great, and well-balanced writer. So before writing a novel, consider being friendly with others because you’ll benefit from it someday. 

Make Sure Your Work is Original 

There’s no best thing in the world other than to create an original piece of art. Making a novel is not quite simple but putting extra effort, and attention into it makes it the best art form you’ll ever have in life. Plagiarized work has no place in the world of writing. It is still beautiful to read a work that came from a hard-working mind and heart. Do some original. Create a book that grabs the reader’s attention and interest until the very end of your book. Work your magic with this one. Make sure to have magic on every page you create. Every word, sentence, character, and theme should only come to your creative mind and only yours. 

Before writing a novel, do a quick review of whatever is in your mind, if there’s a copy of it or none. If it has the same thought as what you’re thinking or the same character form. If it somehow has something similar to others, try to change to become unique in the reader’s eyes. Having the same storyline or ending with other books makes your work mediocre and lacks originality. The original the work, the most popular it will be. 

Content Focused 

In creating a novel, make sure that the content you’re creating is still focused on the novel’s story. Validate the content according to what the story is original. So many books are not focused on the content of their novel and are unimportant with the scene. Confirm your source if the content is still running between the novel’s story and how you want it to be. It is alright if you manage to give some limelight with other things you want to highlight in your story but remember that they should have an impact on the story you’re making in the end.  

Spend a good amount of brain cells to be worked on when writing a novel. Expect the unexpected, but never be satisfied with the usual. The content you’re creating shouldn’t be the usual “yes, this is okay, and I think acceptable” mindset you have there. It would help if you were unique all the time. No, you don’t need to stick with one style. It would be best if you were popular with style bending, and it greatly helps when it comes to creating well-focused and well-written content. 

Final Takeaway 

When you were still a child, you dreamt of being a top-class writer/author when you grew up. Writing a novel doesn’t require any age. You just need to be qualified with the basics and simple rules in writing and creating a masterpiece. Enjoy writing your own novel. The book you’ve created and the readers are the most ultimate reward you’ll ever have in life. Enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the scenery on a horizon’s meet. If it is fun to read, then writing is better. 

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