At last, your book is done. Finally, after months or even years of work, you can let the world see and read the story. Nothing gives an author more pleasure than seeing people enjoy buying and reading the book. But what happens when you don’t make any sales?

Does it mean that your book just isn’t good enough? Unfortunately, many reasons could lead to disappointing sales. Fortunately, this is a situation that can be fixed. Let’s look at why your book may not sell on Amazon and how you can improve your book’s visibility and marketing strategy.

Why Your Book is Not Selling on Amazon

The number one reason your book is not selling is likely because it is hard to find. When people search for the genre of the book you wrote, it does not appear in the results. Therefore, they end up buying other books.

Some authors are also not keen on the categories they choose and pick categories that are too broad. To make your book easily discovered, you need to narrow your categories.

The same applies when selecting keywords. Some don’t know the importance of having correct and valuable keywords in their descriptions.

Another reason could be that their book descriptions are not as enticing. For example, some books have a lengthy preview with many credits before getting to the description. This might discourage potential buyers and cause them to click off quickly.

Of course, giving credit to your supporters is essential, but having them before the description will not help to sell your book.

On the other hand, putting it at the back of your book might be a good idea if you want to share background information or any additional information. Let your potential readers get down to the good stuff first, and it just might help boost sales.  

Quick Steps You Can Undertake to Boost Book Sales on Amazon

To help with this frustrating situation, here is a list of some of the things you can attempt to boost your book sales:

Don’t Stop Marketing

Most authors think their work is done after finishing their book, but it is not. You still need to maintain steady book sales, which requires a foundation to grow. Online marketing can help your book make sales consistently.

Your Book Description Is Critical

The description on Amazon will help sell your book. But why should someone buy your book? Is what you have written interesting and worth spending money on?

Look for reviews

Reviews help your book sales. They help the reader get a feel of the book from another person’s perspective and see if it’s a good fit for them.

Reviews are essential, particularly with Amazon, where it relies on the kind of reviews you get to rank your book. To get more reviews, you can offer reminders, host giveaways, or even add a section to review the book within your book.

Ads are a Lifesaver

To invest more in your book, you can try to create ads. BookBubs is an excellent option to boost sales. A key thing to remember when setting up ads is to ensure you’re not spending more than your income.


A relaunch will help gain momentum for your book. Get people together and organize a fun event. Find a good launch team that will promote your book. You can also get a hardcover copy. Hardcovers attract new attention to your book, especially if you have more than a single version.

Look at Your Keywords

Amazon can be treated as a search engine, and authors need to realize this. It works the same way Google does, except you are searching for products, not information. Therefore, it would be best if you got the keywords right, as failure to do so will result in a loss of sales as your book is not popping up when someone searches for its contents.

Keep a Close Eye On Categories

You can make great sales or short sales depending on where you categorize your book. When keying in information on Amazon, it will ask about the categories your book belongs to.

To approve multiple categories, we recommend using Amazon keyword selection. You can place your categories in areas where they will be open. Finally, you can contact Amazon for more information.

Your Author Bio Should Be On Point

This will ensure that anyone who searches your books on Amazon can easily access it. Author updates also help to keep the biography fresh and show people that you are active; thus, more people will purchase from you.

Book Endorsements

You need book endorsements to place yourself as more of an authority in your field. In addition, people see books endorsed by other people as credible, thus prompting the purchase.


When you want to put your personality behind the book you wrote, we recommend using interviews—preferably in person or on a podcast where the interviewer asks questions about your book. Your book sales are bound to increase, given you are leveraging someone else’s audience. Some people who see your book there might not have seen it before.


As stated earlier, it is vital to remain consistent with your marketing methods. In addition, work on getting as much exposure as possible.

Using the Algorithm to Your Advantage

Everyone on Amazon with a book has one primary aim, to sell more books. You also need to know how to optimize the Amazon algorithm. The algorithm is there for the customers searching for products and giving them relevant recommendations on those they might like.

The algorithm, however, requires data inputs about each book. So if it has more data about your book, it will do a better job of recommending it to the right customers.

Some primary inputs looked for by the Amazon algorithm include reviews, downloads, sales rank, browse activities, genres, and keywords. To optimize your book on Amazon effectively, you need all these inputs in the algorithm. Here’s how to do it right:

How to Boost Book Sales on Amazon


Your book description could use accolades to educate the algorithm. For example, if there are specific titles or awards that your book has won, including them in your description might help the algorithm distinguish it. You can also use comparables to compare your book with a famous one.

For example, you can say: “If you like X book, you will like my book too.” Having well-known books in your description can help, and your overall language should spark feelings and leave the audience wanting more.

Using a few sentences from an exciting scene is familiar to many authors. Use keywords that suit your genre. If you know there are keywords your audiences will be searching for, put them in your description. However, be careful not to give away the plot.

Categories and Keywords

These are significant inputs to the algorithm as they help new readers discover your book when they search on Amazon. Using your Kindle Direct Publishing account, you can set categories and keywords. Categories help classify your book under various genres.

Amazon allows you to select two for a single book. When selecting a category, go for one that closely aligns with the content of your book. In addition, the category should match the type of reader you are looking for. If you have no idea where your book will fit in, go to the top charts and see the potential categories where your book might fit in.

Keyword optimization means selecting words people are likely to search for. It involves picturing yourself as a potential customer at the search bar.

What words would you key in to find your book? To do this effectively, research the main words that make up your book’s subject matter. For example, words in your title and description page can be used here. You can also research Amazon-specific keywords in line with your book. To set keywords for your tile, focus on the setting, character types, the role they play, the plot themes, and story tone.

The Review

We recommend adding a review to your book description to make it more engaging to your readers. In addition, the more reviews, the more readers will have confidence in your book’s quality, thus encouraging purchasing.

In terms of the algorithm, it is stated that the number of reviews is more important than the review rating. To get more reviews, consider getting a mailing list and email your readers asking them to review your book. You can also leave a link at the back of your book to ask your readers to leave a review.

If you want to get the most reviews, we recommend getting them before the book comes out on Amazon. Find your most engaged readers and in return for an ARC, let them leave a review. An ARC refers to a copy of a book you give to your readers before you publish it. It will help you get reviews before posting your book on Amazon. You don’t need to wait weeks or months before getting reviews.

A Proper Author Page

With Amazon, you can create a page that acts as a central location for all your titles on Amazon. The author’s page gives valuable information about the algorithm. Some of this information includes readers that follow your author page, readers that browse your author page, and even titles in your catalog.

Having a compelling biography is also essential. Tell your audience why you write, how long you have been writing, the source of your inspiration, and your family or pet. Such information helps answer questions you readers might be interested in knowing.

Get professional headshots to be posted on the web. It will let readers realize that you are a professional who takes your writing seriously. It might be a bit pricey, but it is worth it.

It would help if you had all your books linked to your page. This will make it easier for readers who enjoyed one of your books to find another.

Feature your book trailer, too, if you have one. You can link your blog with your author page so readers who discover you through Amazon can find themselves on your blog. Follow buttons also come in handy as your followers will get an alert whenever you publish a new book.

Link other social media accounts, too, so readers can follow you and see what you are up to. For example, customizing your URL with your name will make your Amazon page appear when people look you up on the web.

Driving Sales and Downloads

For the actual algorithm to work for you, you need to generate data input for sales, sales rank, and downloads. In addition, you will need to promote and market your book to drive sales, and good marketing will help you to drive sales.

The algorithm will recommend books that are purchased or downloaded. Amazon has a section that says customers who bought this also bought that. Having your book here can be beneficial to boosting its sale, and you can do that by promoting your title, which will result in more people discovering your book.

It would help if you had dozens of readers browsing your page so the algorithm would know which similar products to link your book, thus boosting sales.

You can also try to get your book on the top charts. Titles that are downloaded by many people end up on the Amazon Best Seller chart. Readers usually go through this list to see what is fresh and famous, so if your book ends up here, chances are your title might attract new eyes, boosting sales when new readers purchase your book.

When this happens, your sales rank improves, giving more algorithm input. So again, we recommend concerted marketing as the best way to get on these charts.


Getting your book published on Amazon is just the beginning. You’ll need to do more to increase its sales and get it noticed. Amazon’s optimization requires a lot of time and effort. Many authors might not have this time, but it is well worth it if you use it to your advantage. You can use the steps above to improve your book’s visibility and ranking and boost your book sales on Amazon.



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