A great writer’s appearance includes being a geek, handwriting in notebooks, coffee enthusiasts, hours or even a day spent working on their laptop using Word Document, bookworm, and so on. But with all the characteristics they have identified as a writer, to become a great writer, one must achieve a handful of ways to create good writing.

What makes a piece of writing good? A difficult question to respond to. For a variety of reasons, many different types of writing are considered “excellent.” There is no such thing as a writing formula or program. Everyone can write, but not everyone can be a great writer. Everyone can write to entice the reader to read from beginning to end and take positive action.

A great author must practice first before engaging in battle. The best thing you should do is try your accuracy in typing words, try to use some typing test websites or grammar checkers to succeed in the market. In this modern era with the Internet, when people’s attention spans are short, and there are hundreds of materials vying for the reader’s attention, a great writer must do something unique to capture and hold the reader’s interest and engagement. Luckily we listed only the top 4 qualities every successful writer must-have.

Exercising your mind is important too so that writer’s block won’t get in your way when writing. To handle writer’s block, please read the topic Writer’s Block: Understanding And How To Deal With It.

1.) Knowledgeable in Grammar

The correctness of Grammar is something that all great writers care about. They have a romantic relationship with their dictionary, which they use to regularly authenticate the meaning and usage of terms. It is because skilled writers do not want to promote poor Grammar throughout the world.

In communication, poor Grammar is a turn-off. It’s worth noting that whenever there’s an English department in a tertiary institution, there’s also a literature department. The medium through which literature is communicated is language.

2.) A Great Writer Must Love Writing

Nothing beats work when you love it. One must take learning before engaging in writing. If you don’t enjoy writing in the first place, you won’t write correctly. Having a passion for the written word is essential for creating quality content and achieving success. Writing is a skill and passion. Everyone wants to have a job that you enjoy going to every day, and your work will reflect your enthusiasm.

You do not need to do it to earn money. You don’t have to do it for the greater good. Everyone is free to write for enjoyment because you enjoy it, and authors make a wonderful community to be a part of. People who challenge your right to be a writer don’t owe you an answer. If you write for pleasure, you have a good and genuine purpose for doing it.

3.) Determined, Competitive and Motivated To Become a Great Writer

Writing is a competitive field, and to succeed, you must stand out. To be a great writer, you must be self-motivated to keep going and achieve your objectives. You may encounter the following types of roadblocks

Clients to find – Nowadays, clients who hire writers are so rare. Because of our modern technology era, they preferred the use of videography instead of written and novels.

Losing of faith – A writer’s faith may lose some time. It is the most spiritual crusher to a writer, so don’t wait for the perfect moment to happen and make every moment perfect for you while there is still a chance.

Being turned down – After working for days and nights, you might lose interest in your hobby once someone rejects it. So be strong and focused, don’t let negativity take your writer’s spirit away.

Writer’s block – Writer’s block is the most common problem for writers. It is the ability to lose ideas for new works that stop a writer from producing them. Original ideas must come up for weeks, months, and worst, years. Throughout history, professionals have also struggled with writer’s block.

Competition – In every aspect of life, there’s always competition. One way to over come your competitors is to become unique. Being unique makes you stand out. Writing your protagonist or characters to your books makes the audiences intrigued and curious about your work.

Sickness – You can’t think well when you’re sick, the flow of ideas from your imagination to produce excellent and well-worth reading work will come to waste if you can’t think straight because of your health.

Productivity is low – Low productivity suggests that resources are not maximizing their abilities and competencies, resulting in higher resourcing costs for writers

It can be inconvenient and frustrating to run upon these challenges while writing. However, as long as you persevere and never give up, these issues will never entirely enslave you. Everyone finds motivation differently, so make sure you have those motivations around you to help you get through challenging moments like these examples.

4.) Write to Inspire

Writers are motivated by a variety of factors. Some do it simply because they believe they have a piece of writing inside them that needs to be released. Writing is a powerful weapon, and many writers who have their work read can convey a message and urge people to act or change their perspective.

You don’t have to make sure that all of your stories include a message about the prophecy of someone or ending the virus in one swoop. Knowing that your writing has a moral, a purpose, phase, and can reach out to the hearts and conscience of readers that somehow will make them feel less alone, a little more understood, or inspire them to be more kind, a person who loves to help, stronger.

Final Takeaway

Remember that some of the most inspiring work has come from authors who have dared to tackle issues that most people would avoid. When it comes to writing, being genuinely expressive and daring increases your chances of genuinely reaching out to others and inspiring them in various ways. By considering how you may inspire readers with your writing, you will add a new dimension to your work and improve your writing. A great writer offers and gives people the ability to be motivated and inspired by their work. So, next time you create a narrative, consider how you may make a difference.



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