When looking for a book, how do you define whether it is a good wicked book or not? Where do your eyes first go to? The cover? The author? The color of the book? The thickness or thinness of the book? Or do you look for how it is categorized, i.e. the genre? When you read a book, what would be your first reaction? Some will enjoy the book, and some may not. There’s also the thought that a book must be good because it is a recommendation by someone you know. This isn’t always the case, of course.

The characteristics of a book must include that one standard that makes or break it, a good ending. For instance, the Wicked book nailed it with its last lines giving the readers one final dose of chills (you should really check the book out to know exactly what we’re talking about). But how can you say that a book is good? These depends actually for every person. But there are similarities on how people rate a book. The following are the top 5 attributes that every good book must-have.

Before we dive into this topic, though, always remember that your tastes will be and should be the defining factor for judging. So yeah.. let’s begin!

The Soul of the Book

Occasionally, questions on how an inanimate object has a soul may come up. A cliché way to define things if you think about it. But, this doesn’t mean that the book has a literal soul, more the impact you feel when you first touch and read it. It is simply addictive all of a sudden that you can’t put down the book, and your curiosity kicks in. It’s like your soul comes in contact with the book’s, and now they’re linked to each other. Just a mere glimpse of the book makes you want to open it again and again, which can be the best feeling at times – a feeling that comes from the ‘soul’ of the book.

Also, time seems to slow down when reading a good book. You wish that you read the book slower to digest all of its content right to your soul, and that is, without a doubt, a definition of a good book.

Fascinating Plot

A plot must be fascinating in all ways, and it must not be stagnant. When you read a book, the next thing you’ll find is yourself wanting more. If the plot is beautifully engaging, there will be no stopping audiences from reading more. A plot is where the turning point of the story happens. It also helps in your curiosity, especially when it encourages you to ask yourself what will happen next. Additionally, the plot is why readers are so attached to the book they are reading. A good storyline is a great hook, after all.

Too, it is the narrative of events. Therefore, the plot should be powerful enough to engage readers from start to end. Giving the characters a unique background and experiences is one of the best examples of a powerful plot. A story is truly fascinating when the plot is exciting and mysterious because it’ll take more time for readers to think and be thrilled about what will happen in the end of the story.

Style Written Format

Nothing is better than a book that has straight-to-the-point actions. The sentences don’t overlap or are too lengthy – reason for the reader to be bored at the story’s beginning. A good book must attract its readers to be interested in the story even if it is still just on the first few chapters. It is the author’s job to be imaginative when writing a masterpiece. You don’t want your reader to be bored right from the beginning just because you put the exciting part of the book in the middle part. A good book must be consistent from start to finish.

Yes, we know. Achieving a good book is hard to begin with, because of all the requirements needed for it. But, always remember that a good book must be consistent in every aspect. Stick with consistency and not with lengthy because even just some short, concise but well crafted sentences already have a powerful impact on the readers. It would be best to also be were wary of the rhythm because the rising and falling intonations define your work of its worth. 

Perfectly Executed

How can you say that a good wicked book is perfectly executed? If the protagonist of the story is winning over its antagonist? Or if you predicted what will happen next to the story? None of this actually. A good book that’s perfectly executed is when it has no grammatical errors, typographical errors, and plagiarized content from other books. It is also a good book when the author tries to give you an obvious message, but it turns out to be something entirely different that what is expected. Clearly, it is a sign of a good book when it exceeds the readers’ expectations.

In addition, a good book that has no complicated dialogue mixed up is one of the most extraordinary feats of all. Imagine that you’re talking to someone and when they talk back, you don’t know who is talking to you. A little bit confusing, right? Like in a book, if the book doesn’t stick to the conventional way of indicating speech, everyone will be confused. The most important thing is that whatever the author of the book used as a speech indicator, it doesn’t get in the way of the story.

Well-executed Climax

Breathe for a moment and think about all the good things you remember when reading a book. Were you satisfied? Did it make you eager to read more? Or did you just want to relax and savor the moment? After putting down a good book, all of these questions are frequently asked by the reader. But for someone who reads a good book that has a satisfying climax, it’ll make them drool for more of that book. There is no stopping when you get attached to what you read because an incredible climax will make you realize that you’ve been dealing with the wrong world. Instead, you live as the main protagonist in the book you’ve read.

It doesn’t always have to be more like a happily ever after ending. Sometimes, solving the mysteries and answering questions means that the book has done well to deliver what should be delivered. Imagine that you are among the characters from the book that you have just read. It feels like your journey with them ended, too, right? That’s one of the best feelings for a reader. An excellent wicked book has a great climax. If the book you are currently reading does not deliver, well, you know what that means.

Final Takeaway

The statements above will remain unnoticeable for those who casually read a book. But for someone who loves and is curious about how a story turns into a good wicked book, they mean a lot. The definition of a good book lies in your decision because you’re the only one who can decide whether what you just read is good or not. In the end, the attributes of a good book only matter to those interested. But one thing is for sure, every book is a good book if the book possesses all of these attributes.

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