Social media is highly versatile. You can sell products, post your selfies, share your favorite music, post a video of your cat, or even use it for book promotions. And seemingly, ‘Follow us on social media’ is the key. Because once your target audience does, they are exposed to a digital world version of your literary works—meaning, a strategic way of promoting your books. Nowadays, many people are engaging in social media because it is a platform that is easy to maneuver and accessible to everyone. Such reach allows you to easily share your works with the whole world (because, let’s face it, the majority is on social media). Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the most popular platforms that you can engage with your business.

The Internet also introduced eBooks to us. A portable book that you can read online. eBooks are genuinely fascinating because of their portability and flexibility. When searching for a book online, you just need to search it on your browser rather than manually checking all the book’s covers in a physical bookstore to find what you are looking for. Still, others are not fans of the eBook system. This is because they can’t feel (literally and figuratively) the essence of reading a digital copy and instead still desire an actual book.

And although there are mixed perceptions about eBooks, many authors began to publish their books online to fulfill the demands of their readers. What better way of giving the masses what they want than going digital. Thus, enter social media—the ultimate promoter.

Aside from encouraging your target audience to ‘follow us on social media,’ here are extra five tips on promoting your book effectively:


Using the famous hashtag makes the post relevant to readers. They will be more curious about the post and make your book more recognizable. But if you engage in using a hashtag as one of your strategies in selling a book, you must be cautious because audiences who see your post don’t like to see a list of meaningless hashtags.

If you’re using a hashtag, make sure to indicate the name of your book after # to be more specific in your chosen concept. Social media is the platform for all, even for promotion. An innovative campaign will surely get your audience’s attention in no time.

Create Contests

This one is another effective way of promotion. If you’re on a social media platform, make sure to add and follow relevant people as much as possible. Even more so, follow those who you think can help you with your book promotion. Alongside this is doing some raffle or contest for your book. If you truly want commotion around your book and for it to spread like wildfire, entice people with amazing prizes!

For example, they need to like and share the page first, and then they must share their thoughts about the book you created. Make sure they also get their friends in on the contest (the more, the merrier, right?). Whoever gathers the most likes, comments, and shares will get a chance to have a free copy of your book. The strategy doesn’t only bring potential readers and buyers, but it also spreads the name of the book everywhere on social media.

Teasers: Make Them Crave for it

Post some glimpse of your work on social media through strategically curated posts. For example, post pictures of your book pre-publishing when it was still in the works. You can even include Easter eggs and ask your audience to decode them. This is an excellent way of bringing in more people from your ‘follow us on social media bit. Now, if your book is still in progress, your audience can also help you out with suggestions. Remember that sometimes, you need to heed what the audience says because they’re your customers.

By posting simple quotable lines from your book, the readers will crave more and eventually buy it. You can do this on social media and edit texts from Canva to make them more presentable when posted.

Use Powerful Colors and Visuals

Using promotion strategies like “Here’s a book that I created, please support,” and expecting people to buy your books do not work (like at all!). Make sure to put in the extra effort into promoting your book online and not just sticking to plain boring words. By making your post stand out in public, you need to put some elements, for example, color, emojis, font, and animation. 

Using colors to make the post alive is needed if you want the book to be recognized. As in, you need to be unique! The color must be in accordance with your post and not in contradiction. For instance, if you’re promoting your book, make sure that the color somewhat resembles the book to make it a perfect match. There are many ways how to promote your book on social media. You just need to be resourceful and unique.

Create a Social Media Calendar

The first strategy in promoting your book on social media is that you don’t need to post them frequently. By creating a social media calendar, posting your book’s promotion will be now in a strategic way. You should be scheduling your post dates to ensure that the audience will not get weary of you.

Using a social media calendar will be a great help. For example, you will post a quotation from your book on Monday, and on Tuesday, it will be different (it may not even be a quote; make sure to mix it up). People will not be fed up with your posts. Instead, they’ll be more interested to see more.

Final Takeaway

Promoting your books on social media may come a long way if you’re patient with the process. From cardboard promotions to social media platforms, we’ve come far with our ways of promoting products. Take note that your security and privacy are always at risk when you use social media for your promotion, so make sure that it’ll be your priority before engaging. But in the long run, promoting on social media is still a guaranteed successful way for your book.

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