Are you a fan of reading? Do you like immersing yourself in complex books like CPM eBooks? It is an amusing idea to create and publish a book. Just imagine your work published publicly, and you get the recognition you deserve for it. What a great feeling that would be, wouldn’t it? Well, imagine no more and turn your ideas into reality. You can actually publish a book online. You can thank the modern times and being alive right now. Because with the help of online platforms, you can post any book online, even if it is a CPM eBook.

If you’re a novelist or a comic creator, everything is possible in KDP. But first of all, just what is KDP? These three letters stand for Kindle Direct Publishing. This platform allows you to publish an eBook, also known as an electronic book, created for digital text platforms likely to be used by authors and publishers to easily distribute their works through the Kindle Store. You can easily format and upload a Word document directly into Amazon. 

Amazon? No, not the largest river! Amazon as in the e-commerce company founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It is well-known for its artificial intelligence and digital streaming worldwide. It also allows writers to post in KDP and gives them full management of their book, which other traditional publishing platforms cannot grant. If you publish in KDP, your book would be accessible and available everywhere. Thus giving you of more chances to gather audiences worldwide.

What Are The Pros of Publishing on KDP Amazon?

For one, it is incredibly easy. Easy as in much easier than understanding CPM eBooks. You can write and upload it on Amazon using only a Word document that still has a remarkable outcome as an eBook. Your electronically published work will then be accessible in KDP and other similar platforms.

In addition, HTML makes it look better! Using HTML or Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized system for text files, will make your work a little bit fancier than usual. You can change the font size, font color, graphics, and effects on how your readers will view it.

Another pro is that it’s cheap. Unlike publishing on other websites, Amazon guarantees you a free publishing and printing cost. And thanks to CreateSpace, you can even create an eBook print version according to your tastes.

Furthermore, starting early equates to more money! Earning money after you publish your book is a fast way in getting high return on investment (ROI). Although about 70% for your CPM eBooks sales amount for Amazon, this would be a fair share. They provide you and other writers with the necessary tools in publishing your eBooks and helps you in promoting them to a wide array of audience.

But if there are pros to publishing on Amazon, there would be cons as well. 

What are the cons of publishing on KDP Amazon?

Hard to notice. It is easy and lovely to imagine yourself as a famous author. But unfortunately, merely imagining won’t cut it. It is also definitely harder than reading CPM eBooks. After posting your work, it isn’t easy to get the first one or two reviews on your book. The best way for your book to reach your target audience is a promotion.

Marketing/Selling. Please don’t assume that your responsibilities towards your book is done once it is published. That only comprises of 40% of completion, with the other 60% when you market or sell it. Often times, you need someone to do the marketing aspect for you. Otherwise, your book won’t make it to the top.

Fiction Books. Most of the books already published on Amazon are of the fiction genre. The reason? Fiction books are quite popular among the masses because of their creative and imaginary content. These books are also often the ones who come in series and multiple book forms. Stories that can be lengthened enough to be produced as a series are more profitable than any other eBook genre and thus, making them at the top of the market on Amazon. So if your book is a non-fiction, make sure to have some impactful book cover and powerful title to grab a variety of readers’ attention.

KDP is the Best!

There are many things you can do on KDP. And at this point, it is also important to mention that the cost value to publish your book is absolutely free. But why is KDP much more popular than other book publishing sites? Well, here are a few reasons:

You can publish as many as you want.

There is no specific amount of eBooks you can publish on KDP. Unlike for other websites where they limit the publishing amount per account. Meaning, one account is only equivalent to one eBook. KDP offers unlimited eBooks posting in one account while also enabling you to use other pen names and categories.

KDP and Amazon will help you!

Amazon is where thousands and millions of Kindle users gather. As long as you own the rights to your books, you can sell your book across Amazon’s worldwide marketplace for better exposure.

KDP has sales rank like Amazon

As for all the small authors, you’ll have a great opportunity to be one of the most popular and well-known authors out there. The ranking makes the published eBook rise to the top and make more sales on the market.

Final Takeaway

Self-publishing a book on KDP is not a bell-ringer to those who want an easy and fast success outcome. Even those authors who pay hundreds and thousands of money spent years to make it to the top, nowadays. And if practicality won over authors, they are more likely to switch their genre to fiction because most of the high-paid authors in KDP are fiction writers with their creative fiction books. Like using Amazon, there are so many possible ways to boost your book sales. Luckily, The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Book Sales is now available to read. Check it out now!



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