The pleasure of reading is a common unique gateway to heaven (or any other place). And, of course, if you love reading, you’ve gone through a wide array of fiction and nonfiction books, right? We’ve been through decades of debates about whether fiction or nonfiction is best. But many readers say that the two have a common uniqueness regarding certain points—where nonfiction teaches you many answers, fiction gives you many questions.

A book is a common unique tool to suck us into another world. Sometimes, it even comes with feelings of belongingness into that world. Too, a book serves not only as a gateway but as a get-away voyage to escape the real world when it becomes too much. It brings adventures and thought-provoking ideas that influence how we perceive things outside the pages.

Not only that, a book is believed to be a stress-reliever to some. Its stress-relieving capabilities are quite excellent that many see reading a book as a necessity; it works better and faster than other stress-free programs or methods. If this is so, why are people still arguing which is the best genre between fiction and nonfiction? Let’s have a look at their characteristics and let us decide ourselves.


“Fiction gives us a second chance that life denies us.” 

— Paul Theroux 

Fiction is literature that was created by the mere imagination of the author. Science fiction, mysteries, horror, romance, and many more are all fiction genres. Fiction books greatly increase our creativity, analytical skills, and critical thinking. When we read, we try to analyze and imagine what is being described by the author. In that case, fiction boosts our brains to imagine things that aren’t even real. For example, the book says, “A man with a tail was riding on a scaly dragon.” According to experts, reading fiction books fully develops our brain to function, helps us understand what we are reading, and enables us to adjust to a new perspective.

Moreover, one of the best remedies for insomnia is reading. A fiction book is the most suggested reading material for those who don’t get enough sleep. Reading a fiction book is highly accepted for kids that need a good bedtime story. It is also believed that fiction books help readers have a good night’s sleep because they fuel dreams and make them believable. And as we venture more into the world of fiction, we tend to ask questions that can only be answered if we explore much deeper in the pages.

The All-Time Favorites

Of course, you’ve heard the names “William Shakespeare,” “Stephen King,” “J.K Rowling,” right? On the off chance that you haven’t, they are just some of the master writers of fiction (no biggie!). If you love their work, you’ve probably read their books like” Romeo Juliet,” “IT,” and “Harry Potter.” ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a tragic romance story written by Willian Shakespeare. It is one of the writer’s most famous works. Stephen King wrote ‘IT,’ and its story is about the clown named Pennywise that preys on young children. Lastly, J.K Rowling wrote the famous ‘Harry Potter’ series. Harry Potter is a common unique character—a young wizard and student of witchcraft and wizardry. Believe it or not, all of these masterpieces are fiction. 

As you make yourself comfortable at your house, you find yourself looking at your bookshelves, seeking your next read. You may find a math book or ‘The Wizard of Oz’—another one of those common unique titlesAnd as you grab whichever book you prefer, you’re finally at peace sitting in a chair, a cup of tea in one hand and a book on the other.


“The challenge of nonfiction is to marry art and truth.” 

— Phyllis Rose

Nonfiction, by contrast, tell the actual events that happened in real life. History, Biographies, Autobiographies, Memoirs, Travel guides and Travelogues, Academic Texts, Philosophy and Insights, Journalism, Commentaries are all examples of nonfiction. Some say that nonfiction has a higher standard to maintain than fiction. Fictions are still fun to read, even if it’s changed or fabricated. On the other hand, nonfiction’s credibility won’t be valuable if forged. 

Nonfiction stories are often used in a theatre play—for example, Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton is one of the founding fathers of the United States, an influential promoter of the U.S constitution. Hamilton’s story is an actual life event that happened in the past as he was truly the right-hand of late President George Washington. Also, check out a $10 bill. Hamilton does not only appear on stage but on currency as well.

Additionally, the work of nonfiction greatly enhances our knowledge of history. Have you heard about Alexander The Great? The chief general of Macedonia? If yes, this story happened back in 356 BC when no gadget and camera could capture the events. How greatly nonfiction works are. History is unfolded thanks to nonfiction books. We can now read and know what happened back then and how it has changed up to date. 

If you’re interested in documentaries and pure facts, read nonfiction books. History is one of the most exciting subjects because reading it means knowing where we came from and how these all started. 

Final Takeaway 

Either fiction or nonfiction, both of them are fun to read if you’re interested. You might find yourself wanting more if you come across our various genres of books here in Publishing Profits.

There is no good or bad book, to begin with. It matters only to the reader if the book satisfies their soul and heart when read. Fictions are for people whose imagination has no limit, while nonfictions are for people who wants a glimpse of the past. 



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