Writing and publishing a book is all it takes to become known in the book industry. Easier said than done, though. It takes great effort and lengths for a writer to even come up with one. Let alone go through the process of publishing one. But once all the gruesome yet exciting details are in order, it is the most satisfying feeling ever.

Think about it. When you are in the part of choosing a book cover, you’ll think that Christmas came early. That’s how much excitement is in store for you. But aside from the obvious elation is the anxiousness as well. The fact that the chosen book cover will factor in piquing your audience’s attention can leave you distressed. Because despite the saying that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, this is not always the case. Let’s face it. We are all intrigued (and heavily persuaded) by a pretty cover.

Just take the ‘After’ books in order series. Their book covers have easily captured the hearts of readers (of course, we all love the plot as well). You cannot rely on your story alone to make your book sell. The mark of a good book is a well-thought-out storyline. But what makes a book of top-tier quality is the combination of a great plot and creative cover.

Why the need for a good book cover?

Answer me this: why even bother with a good book cover? Is it to make tremendous amounts of sales? Perhaps it’s to hook people to your book in just a glance? Love at first may be possible indeed. Having a good book cover encompasses all of these and more. It will please the mind and soul of your readers, for one. Also, your book cover will draw them in – intrigued and wanting. Simply put, films have their trailers, and books have their covers. The latter gives your readers an idea of what is awaiting them when they turn the page.

Additionally, it is up to you as the writer to communicate to your illustrator how you want the book cover to look. Some may want their book cover plain and straightforward. Some want theirs to be eccentric and leave people puzzled (another good marketing strategy). You can even make your own! But this is additional stress, and you are already drained from writing. So, leave it to a professional and just coordinate with them.

In this article, we will provide you with three steps to achieve an excellent pre-made book cover by hiring a professional.

Pick Your Desired Cover Online

Living in this all-too-digital world has many perks. One of which is that you can easily search the Internet for book cover ideas. You can even create one at Canva. You can then send what you made to an illustrator and allow them to make changes to make it more appealing. Or, if you’re leaning more towards the book cover theme of the ‘After’ books in order, then let your illustrator know. Whatever inspiration you may want for your cover book, it is crucial that you relay it to your illustrator. This way, no miscommunications, and mistakes will happen (or at least, just a few).

Moreover, always remember to check a company or book cover professional’s portfolio before hiring them. You can know if they are the best person for the job with their previous works and commissions. And once you find your illustrator, try to compromise on the terms of the contract. Working with someone you’re comfortable with and believe in will make the process enjoyable.

Contacting Your Designer

Concerns and changing ideas are typical. If you have any, contact your illustrator immediately and let them know. You can tell them what you want before they finalize the book cover. It would be a disaster if your book cover ended up not meeting your standards. Also, writing the details helps you with these interactions and ensures that you’re both following the contract.

Pre-made vs. Custom-made

Which one do you prefer, a pre-made one that only needs the title and your name or a custom-made one that will involve you in the creation process? It is essential to know the difference between the two. Choosing the latter is much more expensive. Why then are pre-made covers cheaper? This is because premade book covers are created freely, easier and faster. There are no specific contexts and ideas to incorporate in their creation. It is up to the illustrators in which direction they want to create book covers.

On the other hand, custom-made covers are carefully planned and designed by a professional based on the client’s wants. Some of the cheaper premade designs are from amateur designers that offer lower custom prices. Choosing this option gives you control over how you want your book cover to look.

Request for an Update

Sometimes, ordering online can be anxiety-inducing since no one is ever sure if they are talking to an honest and truly capable professional. Making deals online will make you think twice before engaging in the actual partnership. Thus, it is best to request updates about the book cover from time to time when you do hire someone. 

Take note that it is also important to create a sense of trust and camaraderie between you and your illustrator. Doing so will induce a working environment that you will be both comfortable in. Also, do not pressure them into hastening the job. You’re a creative as well. So you do know that art takes time and should never be rushed solely for the sales. Expediting the process will cause errors and problems with the final book cover design. You and your illustrator may even end up hating each other.

It also goes without saying to be polite when asking for updates. After all, how you treat other people is how they will treat you back in return. You can also expect your illustrator to do their best if you establish a good relationship with them. So, set aside your overbearing nature, especially if you are so insistent on creating a very particular book cover. You may argue that if the ‘After’ books got their covers like how they are, you could get yours to look exactly how you picture them as well. It is possible, yes. But be mindful that your illustrator needs time and trust in doing their job and doing it well.

Final Takeaway

Like the ‘After’ books in order, a cover is a book’s persona. Giving your book a good cover is like raising your child to have a good personality. You can also trust your book cover to be a representative salesman. It tells the public: “If the book cover is this amazing, how much more is what’s inside, right?” Your book cover is an essential tool for your marketing campaign, especially if you want to sell your books worldwide. After making some improvements to your book, you’re now ready to market it to the public. But how will you do that? Book Marketing: Market Your Books in Five Easy Ways | Publishing Profit will help you with that.



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